And that’s what Karmatrails is about. Connection the dots to enable projects & events for people who likes to get dirty…on two wheels. 



Karmatrails collaboration with Sala municipally & Västmanland region.

Sala, Västmanland county, is fortunate to be the home of a unique and historic silver mine called Sala Silvergruva. Surrounding the old pits you can find traces of mining history. In these delicate surroundings Karmatrails has worked along with the municipality to find a way to build a trail while at the same time protecting the historic values of the site. Knektleden had its grand opening spring 2019.

During 2020 Karmatrails will continue to develop trails in the Västmanland region.


Mountain biking is all about nature, exercise, developing technique… Yeah right! HAHAHAahh… It’s actually all about having the right equipment, we all know that 🙂

Do you want to introduce your products to the Nordic market? Karmatrails can make it happen.

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Events & Workshops

March 2020 is the time for the annual Swedish consumer bike expo, held this year at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö Stockholm. Taking the concept “Singletrack Workshop” from 2018 to a new level.  Karmatrails is in charge of the singletrack/bike-packing workshop area.


Time for afterbike? Handcrafted Swedish beer!

“Live to tell the tale” from

More to come in 2020


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